Zahara: A tidbit
Singer and Poet Zahara in Nairobi, Kenya 2013-06-02 Photo: David Mugo/Reidarmax

Bulelwa Mkutukana, stage name Zahara = blooming flower. Born in East London, South Africa (1987-11-09 – ).

One Track: Loliwe The name refers to the train that brought workers back home after many years of working in Johannesburg, where they often had other families.

One Quotation: In an interview, Zahara described this first album as a metaphor. “It’s like … just pick yourself up. No matter who’s your father or who’s your mother … I believe that you’re not a mistake.”

One Comment: Zahara is a South African singer-songwriter and poet who sings in Xhosa and English. She started to sing at the age of six. Zahara released her debut album Loliwe in 2011 which sold over 100 000 copies in South Africa. Her debut single, Loliwe, featured here, currently has had over 1.8 million views on YouTube.

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