Workshop Core Values

Even the most notorious motorcycle gang has a set of core values that is hung on the wall near their club house entrance, for all to see and follow. The same applies to the Unit One work space.

Mission Statement

By appointment to the citizens of Ginnunga Gap, the Unit One work space is a supplier of a work area equipped with tools and machines, and helpful people with insight, skill and knowledge, all organized to transform individual and collective visions into practical products that make the world a better place.

Core Values

Work at Unit One is comprehensive. It involves using one’s brain, as well as one’s body. Creativity finds expression through mental and physical work processes.

In terms of health, safety and the environment, the work space is equipped with fire fighting and first aid equipment, bright lighting and air purification equipment. Workers are expected to use protective equipment including, but not restricted to, ear plugs, gloves, respirators, safety glasses, safety shoes and comfortable workwear.

Researching and developing useful and environmentally friendly products and services is an essential part of the work space experience.

Training is an ongoing activity. Almost all tools require a safety checkout or training to ensure that all users have the necessary skills.

Products and services require documentation. These may take the form of technical drawings, written notes as well as videos. Everything made in the workshop shall be open source design.

Power to the workshop is provided by renewable energy.

Material used in the workshop are organically or technically recyclable, using cradle to cradle principles.

Socially useful products and services are to be made in the workshop.

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