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wooden spatula

This post is especially for three ladies who have been subjected to lofty ideas about making geodesic dome greenhouses, when all they really wanted was to learn how to make a wooden spatula.

Minni, the minimalist maker from Finland, shows them how to do it in a three minute video:

MATERIALS: Wood (Minni uses alder), painter’s tape

TOOLS: Pen, spatula template, band saw, belt sander, sandpaper

USEFUL TIPS: After sanding, wet the spatula to raise the wood grain. Let dry, and sand again. This makes the surface very smooth.

SAFETY NOTES: Safety first! Always be careful with dangerous tools and make sure you know how to use them correctly.

MUSIC BY Henbrix

Here is the spatula template from her website:

The Unit One work space has a band saw as well as a belt sander. There is an alder tree on the property, but it is too young and small to be used to make spatulas.

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