Prototype Hardwood Furniture

Currently, I am designing a new kitchen table. My mandate is to make one that is sufficiently high that it can also function as a kitchen work top suitable for a taller person (> 1800 mm). In terms of size, the following dimensions have been specified: Minimum/ maximum length = 1200 to 1400, width = 500 to 600, height = 1000 to 1100 (all in mm). Before being built, the height, especially, will be performance tested with respect to common kitchen tasks such as chopping, mixing and stirring. An electrically driven, height variable desk is available for testing purposes.


  1. While not part of the current project, other work tops will be made to accommodate a shorter person (< 1700 mm).
  2. Patrick Sullivan in his 2017 video Designing and Building a Mini Workbench  suggests a workbench height of 43″ = 1100 mm. Admittedly, this is for woodworking, not cooking. The first 2m15s of this video should be watched by everyone with an interest in, or a need to undertake, physical work.
table heights
Heights of assorted chairs and tables in inches.  Approximate conversions Chairs: 18″ = 450 mm, 26″ = 650 mm, 30″ = 750 mm, 34″ = 850 mm. Tables: 30″ = 750 mm, 36″ = 900 mm, 42″ = 1050 mm, 48″ = 1200 mm. (Photo: from YouTube video by user Pablo 1499 (2013) Standard Height for Bar Stool Counter Top)

In addition, two chairs will be made. These will be ergonomically designed specifically for each occupant. In order to ensure that each chair is suitable, a prototyping chair will be made. This prototyping chair will be fully adjustable in several directions, and will also be available to ensure that any future chairs can also be made that accommodate the dimensions of any adult. If necessary, a separate prototyping chair for children can also be made.

At the present time, oak has been purchased for this build. However, it may be decided to use other materials. Part of the challenge is the extensive use of oak in the living room, and plans to make even more furniture in oak for that room. Ideally, a different type of hardwood, such as beech or birch, would be preferred in the kitchen.

The table is to placed adjacent to the kitchen windows, with the chairs beside each other so that each occupant can look outside through her/his own personal window. A variety of sights can be expected including birds feeding on sunflower seeds, post people delivering mail, ships sailing under Skarnsund bridge, and more.

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