Bob Dylan revisited

Back in 2016, Bob Dylan received the Nobel Prize for Literature, but failed to attend the banquet. Many were critical of his non-attendance. However, there can be many valid reasons why people do not attend. Rather than criticizing, I gave tribute to his award in my blog.
Pascal Kirchmair Bob Dylan
Pascal Kirchmair’s portrait of Bob Dylan, found at Wikimedia Commons, now nominated for deletion as “Out of scope—personal, non-notable art.”
Here is an audio version of Dylan’s lecture:
Einsteinmc2 replied to the criticism, by writing this comment in The Guardian:

“As a person gets older, the energy levels tend to diminish. What was once inexhaustible energies are finite and need to be managed, sometimes eked out. And, what would once have been “absolute must do its” sometimes become just too big to embrace. And, some of us tend to become a bit cranky, not wanting to explain every last thing we do or do not do – its all down to available energy levels.
Who knows what lies behind Bob Dylan’s thought processes? I do not. However, I recall the latter days of Leonard Cohen, Johnny Cash, my father and other old guys, and recall the selective nature of what they did and did not do.
While I would really have liked Bob Dylan to have gone to Sweden in person and to have made a memorable acceptance speech, I’ll give him a pass on this one. It expends less energy to be charitable than it does to get all spun-up criticizing the man.”

I replied to her with this:

“Being at times a bit grumpy, I copied your most excellent comment. Not quite sure where it will be used, but I will credit you, Einsteinmc2. Thanks.”

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