Why Stucco? A concise summary

The Bo-Kapp area of Cape Town features colourful stucco houses (Photo: http://www.holidaybug.co.za/)

Here is a summary of the reasons why one should choose stucco as an exterior cladding. This is not a balanced article, it does not include the reasons why stucco should be avoided.

1. Versatile

Can be applied over many different types of surfaces including concrete masonry or wood framing

Can be applied seamlessly

Can be layered to creates a heavily textured surface

Can be used in new builds as well as renovations

2. Installs quickly

A conventional house usually requires between one and two days, including drying time

3. Energy efficient

Low U-value (or if you prefer the inverse, high R-value)

4. Durable

Expands and contracts as the temperature changes

Reduced risk of flaking, cracking or crumbling

Can last over fifty years with little maintenance

Rot, mildew and mold resistant

5. Enhances value

Earthquake resistant

Fire resistant

Sound dampening

6. Low maintenance

In warm and dry climates, little or no maintenance, except occasional washing to remove spots or stains

In hot and humid climates, little maintenance

In cold and wet climates, little maintenance provided

  • snow is cleared away from walls
  • eavestroughs direct water away from walls (that’s a Canadian word for gutters)

7. Reduced house insurance premiums (in North America)

8. Many options


  • Coarse
  • Pebbled
  • Raked
  • Smooth
  • Swirled


  • Pigment mixed directly into the mix
  • Can be repainted

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