65°35′4″N 22°9′14″E

Luleå is considered the world’s largest brackish water archipelago with 1 312 islands, several rivers and vast forests.

The Luleå region has become the Node Pole, because of its northern location, and its role as a data traffic hub in Europe. The region offers stable, low-cost electricity that is 100% renewable. In addition, because the region is one of the coolest in Sweden. This means it is easier and cheaper to keep server centres cool! Sweden’s long political stability is cited as another long-term benefit of the location.


All of the cities in Sweden resemble each other. There seems to be an architectural standard for each type of structure, that lasts about a decade, before it is replaced.

Umeå University School of Architecture, The Waterfall that went silent (2023)
Foodora Market, delivery unavailable.
Taco Bar since 1983
Drinking water: 20th century
Drinking water: 21st century
Sculpture, repurposed as grafitti


Plastic seals.
Cement bears.
Playful monster.
Playground giraffe.

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