The Charm of Hell

Hell is a neuter Norwegian noun that translates as “luck”, as in “good fortune.” The opposite, or uhell, translates as “accident.”

It is also the name of a village with railway station, close to the city of Stjørdal, in Trøndelag county. Read everything and more that anyone could ever want to know, here.

On Saturday, 2019-08-24, we decided to take a break from construction and other domestic chores, and do something fun – shopping: for roofing tar and cement. We also decided that we could spend some time walking along the coast towards an island, then – on our return to Stjørdal – eat a salad at a local pizzeria.

Here are some photos from the walk

On the outside wall of a farm utility building is the distance to Jerusalem.
Billetholmen, an island, and its causeway/ breakwater.
A boathouse, on the pathway leading to Billetholmen.
The backside of the boathouse.
Picnic tables and benches at Hellstranda.
Hell Station, built in 1902.
The current train stop at Hell.

4 Replies to “The Charm of Hell”

  1. Standard procedure, Charles, is to take visitors to Hell, especially the railway station, with its Gods-expedition, aka freight service. We frequently park at the Hell shopping centre, where I usually visit the Power electronics chain store, while waiting for visitors to arrive at Trondheim lufthavn Værnes = Trondheim Airport = TRD, about 1 km away. The shopping centre is incorrectly named, because it is on the wrong side of the Stjørdalselva = Stjørdal River in relation to the village of Hell.

  2. It looks like a much more exotic and interesting place than the Norwegian Hell. From your link, it appears that the name Nyari means ‘the place broken by itself’, which from the photographs, seems appropriate. I’ll have to look more into it to find even more revealing photographs of the eroded sandstone escarpment with its “vibrantly coloured rock layers, from whites to pinks, oranges and deep crimsons.” Sounds lovely, and inviting.

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