The Charm of Rebar

Today, it was 20° C and sunny, and I accompanied Trish to Ystgård gartneri (nursery) in Straumen. The first thing that one has to be aware of is Ystgård’s domain name, Somehow, this little company located in the village of our municipal centre,  has managed to take possession of the generic name for an entire branch. Well done.

While Trish was admiring the plants, even asking for my input (“something red”) I was admiring other products, specifically the welded rebar on offer. Photos of which are attached for your visual pleasure.

The delightful arch in the foreground costs a mere NOK 1 300 = USD 160, while its more complex four sided neighbour, behind, costs NOK 2 000 = USD 245.
A Swing? This alluring two seater is available for NOK 6 000 = USD 737.
These captivating rebar masterpieces can be purchased for as little as NOK 700 = USD 86.


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