Stuffing a 10-car garage

Today, I’ve let my imagination run wild. I’ve given myself unlimited funding to fill a 10-car garage with 10 of my favourite vehicles. Just imagine the expensive machines I will acquire when price is no object!

Before you begin, read the description below and make a note of what you think my favourite vehicles are based on the following description, then compare with the answers below.

  1. A French workhorse. No, this isn’t the pickup truck of that name, but a vehicle that will carry up to two people, and a Euro-pallet of materials.
  2. A Canadian pickup made in Errington, British Columbia.
  3. A Canadian sedan originally made in Delta, British Columbia. Production has now been moved offshore.
  4. A Canadian sports car, to be made in New Westminster, British Columbia, starting 2019.
  5. A Canadian three-door hatchback made in Saint-Jerome, Quebec.
  6. A Norwegian car made in Uusikaupunki, Finland then in Elkhart, Indiana.
  7. A Welsh utility vehicle made in Port Talbot.
  8. An Italian supermini that is actually made in Toluca, Mexico.
  9. A French city car rated best low running costs as well as second overall for ease of driving, out of 200 vehicles.
  10. A German workhorse, that will be able to replace vehicle #1, when it arrives in 2023.
10 car garage
10-car garage suggestion for Grand Theft Auto (photo: Sat Saintsfan, 2016)
Original Citroën Berlingo, from 1996. A fossil fueler. (Photo: Citroën)
Canev 2012-04-05 Might-E Truck
The Might-E Truck (photo: Canadian Electric Vehicles Ltd)
Leonard G 2007-12-15 Dynasty iT NEV
Dynasty IT, originally built in Canada, currently being produced in Karachi, Pakistan (photo: Leonard G., 2007)
The only sports car in the garage, An Electra Meccanica Tofino (rendering: Electra Meccanica)
Leonard G 2007-12-16 Zenn NEV
ZENN (Zero Emissions, No Noise) (photo: Leonard G., 2007)
Think City in precisely the correct colour (photo source unknown)
Acton ZeCar
Stevens’ ZeCar (photo: Stevens Vehicles, 2009)
Fiat 500 EV in New Westminster (photo: Brock McLellan)
Renault 2016-09-29 Renault ZOE
Renault Zöe (photo: Renault Norge, 2016)
VW Buzz
Volkswagen I.D. Buzz. “The most versatile and emotional electric car ever.” (photo: Volkswagen)

There is always a chance that one of these fantastic electric vehicles won’t be available. So, I have another in reserve, the GEM (Global Electric Motorcars)  eLXD made in Fargo, North Dakota.

Mario Roberto Duran Ortiz 2009-03-22 GEM eLXD NEV
GEM eLXD working as a food vendor. (photo: Mario Roberto Duran Ortiz, 2009)

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