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Today’s group of mentors, are more diverse than yesterday’s. These are mainly home automation and mechatronics (electronics, machining and computing) people. I have included some others here who have useful channels for learning elementary computing skills, many  based on Arduino. Embedded computing is also included.

One of the differences between woodworkers and mechatronians is the latter’s inability to use their names. There are exceptions, but many do not seem to want to use their own names. I think I’ve managed to spell both Ben and Dave correctly, but I am not so sure about Ashe. I’m using that spelling because that is what comes up on the closed captions.

Mentor: Wayne Campbell (1947-2016)

Youtube:  Website:

I will remember Wayne Campbell for his geodesic dome video, that inspired their construction in cardboard at Verdal prison, and elsewhere. The Hila Outdoor Centre is not far from Pakenham, Ontario, which is not far from Ottawa.

Mentor: Chris Barnat

Youtube: Website:

ExplainingComputers uploads weekly computing videos. Chris spent 25 years teaching computing and future studies in the University of Nottingham, and has written thirteen books including “Digital Genesis: The Future of Computing, Robots and AI”, “3D Printing E3” and “The Next Big Thing”. I particularly like him because of his interest in single board computers.

Youtube: website:

This is Chris’ alternative channel, not nearly as popular and not always computer related.

Mentor: Dejan Nedelkovski

Youtube: Website:

This is mainly an educational channel and website in mechatronics. In addition there are Arduino projects and tutorials, DIY projects, explanations about how (electronic) things work, basic electronics.

Mentor:  Ben Bruh

Youtube: website: (coming soon); Instagram:

This is my first choice as a DIY home automation channel.

Mentor: Jonathan Oxer

Youtube: Website:

Jonathan also does DIY home automation. Sometimes, I feel that his solutions are not optimal. For example, he uses  OpenHAB rather than Home Assistant. He is also disproportionate amount of time promoting his own webshop.

Mentor: Ashe HealMyTech


Ashe is my go-to man, when it comes to fixing common computer problems. He is probably not at the cutting edge of anything except keeping a computer running, but that is probably an advantage.

Mentor: Jeremy Blum

Youtube: Website:

Jeremy is an electrical engineer most noted for his Arduino tutorial videos. He promotes sustainability, entrepreneurship and education especially related to engineering and science.

Mentor: Dave Notesandvolts


Dave says his Youtube channel is about electronics, guitars and geekery. For me, this channel is interesting despite its emphasis on music, not because of it. Musicians have to work in unconventional spaces, and their sound equipment has to work. It has to be robust. That is the key word. Much of the information found here deals with the challenges of robusticity, which can be transferred over to other areas of life.

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