Operating System Problem Solutions

Today, I faced a challenge with Linux Mint on one of my computers. I received a message informing me that my boot partition was full. I surfed the net to find solutions and ended up with a fix in the form of a script that seemed appropriate.

I applied it. After about 5 minutes I could reboot. The boot folder then showed only the latest kernel.

That was nice, this one time. So what do I do when this, or some other problem re-emerges? I don’t really have enough problems to store them in a database. Thus, I decided to use a more basic fix, a LibreOffice Writer file.

This file lists practical solutions to problems that arise with Linux Mint.

Problem: Boot partition is full
Documentation: https://forums.linuxmint.com/viewtopic.php?t=256436
Solution: copy and paste the following in the terminal

OLDCONF=$(dpkg -l|grep “^rc”|awk ‘{print $2}’)
CURKERNEL=$(uname -r|sed ‘s/-*[a-z]//g’|sed ‘s/-386//g’)
OLDKERNELS=$(dpkg -l|awk ‘{print $2}’|grep -E $LINUXPKG |grep -vE $METALINUXPKG|grep -v $CURKERNEL)
sudo apt-get purge $OLDKERNELS

End: Boot partition is full

When the next problem arises, it will also use the same format. A problem statement, that is a short description, followed by a link to somewhere for more detailed information. Then comes the solution as applied, followed by an end statement so that one knows where the problem ends.