Book Review: Elin Hilderbrand, The Surfing Lesson

Suffering from reader’s block, I thought this must be the ideal book for me. At 44 pages in length, there was a chance that I could get through it in four or five reading sessions. If nothing else, I could learn some tips that would improve my surfing technique.

The Plot

I think it is common practice to write something like spoiler alert. I can’t be bothering. No one I know, in their right mind, would read this book. It just isn’t worth the effort. Margot is married to Drum, but she is bored with her relationship. Now she is conniving to get Drum in fall in love (again) with his old girlfriend, Hadley. Margot feels that the jealousy and rage this might invoke, just might be enough to convince her to fight for her marriage. Then again, she might just be content to walk away.

I was surprised when the story suddenly ended on page 23. I expected to be about half way through, given the page count.

Here is a summary of the negative and positive aspects of the book.

Negative: 1) No surfing tips. 2) The text from page 23 to the end of the book on page 44 mainly consists of outtakes.

Positive: 1) The book ended.

Goodreads rating: Do you really expect me to put this on Goodreads? If one reads the Goodreads comments, one discovers that most people are offended that they paid $2 for 23 pages of text. In terms of public relations, this is an absolute failure.