The Charm of CV1

Meet CV1, the fully automated TeaCoffeeBot. Here is how it works.

A humanoid washes out cup, fills cup with clean water, pours water into CV1’s opening on top, then closes top. Alternative reality, humanoid forgets to close top.


Then the humanoid pours instant coffee (or puts teabag) into cup.


The humanoid places the cup into the bottom opening of CV1.


Yet another alternative reality, the humanoid puts free Starbucks coffee in space above location of cup. The humanoids assigned to us, haven’t been programmed to do this.


Then humanoid presses button to start water heating and transfer process.

A built in timer is started in humanoid telling it to return to CV1 in three minutes.

Humanoid returns after 30 minutes, picks up coffee cup and delivers lukewarm coffee to intended recipient. Humanoid disappears, then returns to offers intended recipient taste enhancers.


Apart from a few steps performed by a humanoid, the CV1 does everything else!