Needs: Fiber broadband

Within a year we should have fiber broadband to the house. Today, 2018-01-24, we have to make a decision  and sign papers ordering products.

Currently we have a «Bredbånd 5» ADSL subscription from Telenor. It offers 0.2 – 6 Mbit/s (down) and 0.1 – 0.6 Mbit/s (up). We pay NOK 358 per month for this. In addition, we pay NOK 196 per month for telephone, for a sum of NOK 554 per month.

Our new broadband supplier will be NTE. They want to supply us with «100% trønderfiber helt inn til husveggen» ( 100% Trønder [an adjective referring to people and things from our county] fibre right to the walls of the house). This presents a conundrum, since the fiber is being sold under the brand name Altibox, which is being used by over 35 local Norwegian and 6 Danish FTTH (Fiber to the House) networks, and was originally set up far from Trøndelag county by Southwestern Norwegian multi-utility firm Lyse Energi in 2002 under the name Lyse Tele. It became Altibox in 2009. Since 2002, over 360 000 houses have been connected, the majority self-install (over 80 per cent).

At the top of the information sheet provided by NTE is their blurb about  «fremtidens tv-løsning» (futuristic television solution). I didn’t even know that there was a future to television. Personally, I am very happy to decide what I want to watch, and when to watch it. So, we won’t be watching television, or buying any of the packages that cost NOK 1099 or 1599 per month.

After having consulted with our children, we decided to buy the lowest speed product available: 50 Mbit/s up and down. Here is a breakdown of the costs, compared to the standard package. At a 30% income tax rate, NOK 6 588 per year after taxes is equivalent to earning NOK 9 411.

Product 50/50 Mbit/s Internet Standard Package
Monthly cost



Annual cost

6 588

13 188

Startup charge (NTE)

4 900

2 400

Connection charge (Inderøy)

12 500

12 500

First year costs

23 988

28 088

First year cost savings

4 100

Subsequent year costs

6 588

13 188

Subsequent year cost savings

6 600