Ethan & Ethel

It doesn’t happen often, but a new family has moved into Ginnunga Gap. I haven’t seen much of Maw and Paw Maker, but their children, Ethan and Ethel, have already started hanging around the Unit One workshop.

The twins are 15 years old, and just starting out to make things. At Unit One we’re going to be writing some posts that will help them figure out what to do in a workshop. We want to make sure they learn how to “Do It Ourselves” safely.

Vancouver Hack Space Gears
Here are some gears made by Jake McIvor at the Vancouver Hack Space. Vanhack is very similar in approach to making things as Unit One. Visit (photo: Jake McIvor)

Personal safety equipment

Air quality management

Electrical power

Computer control

Mechanical components



Computer Aided Design

CNC machining

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